LauncherPro is evil!

Don’t ever install LauncherPro on an Android device! If you’re one of those unlucky souls who installed it, you’ll eventually get a “LauncherPro has expired” error and your phone will be in an unusable state. That’s what happened to me. The software expired, and all I get is a browser window that directs me to to install the new version. But, I don’t have WIFI connection, and I can’t get to WIFI settings to get on WIFI because the home button is locked by the software, I can’t make phone calls, read messages, or any other place on my phone other than the browser (which is useless without WIFI). I Googled and bunch of other people ran into this and there doesn’t seem to be a quick solution. Didn’t the software developer ever think that some people might not be on WIFI when the software expires? To save yourself the hassle, don’t ever consider using LauncherPro.


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