DataServices Java Client – HelloWorld Remoting

DataServices is not just limited to Flash and JavaScript/HTML clients. It can talk to Java, Android, and iOS clients as well. In this video, I walk through a Java remoting sample similar to the previous Flash & HTML/JS remoting sample I talked about.

If you want to run the application yourself, here’s the zip file with the Java classes I mentioned in the video.


3 thoughts on “DataServices Java Client – HelloWorld Remoting

  1. Hi Mete,

    I am able to load data using ProductService class into my Android application, everything is working fine, but I noticed only issue with the time taken to load data. It takes 10 to 15 seconds on device. I think it should load data as quickly as it is in flex example. Do you have any idea on this?


  2. It shouldn’t take that long. The only time it takes long if when the simulator is first started and when the app loads the first time. Android simulator is pretty slow, so it takes a while to set things up but once the app is loaded, the sample should work instantaneously. If you don’t see this, feel free to open a bug or provide feedback in DataServices pre-release site so someone takes a look.

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