Long time and new beginnings at Skype

London Eye
London Eye

I can’t believe it’s been more than 8 months since I last posted. It’s been hectic both personally and professionally but that’s no excuse as life is always hectic and I hope to get back into the habit of posting more often. There’s a lot to share.

Lots have changed since last time I posted but the biggest change is that I decided to leave Adobe after 6.5 years. I had a wonderful time at Adobe but I felt like it was time to try something new so I accepted a new role at Skype. I always loved and relied on Skype for communicating with family, friends, and more recently with co-workers in the US and Switzerland when I was working remotely from Cyprus and I thought it’d be cool to be part of such a positive brand and work on something that millions of people use every day. I started working for Skype on April 15 as a Senior Software Development Engineer in London.

If you didn’t know, Skype is part of Microsoft now and as a Mac and Java guy, it’s been quite an experience to switch to Microsoft land. I plan to share my experiences on switching from Java to C# from Eclipse to Visual Studio from Amazon Web Services to Windows Azure from Android to Windows Phone 🙂

At Skype, I’m part of a group split between London and Palo Alto and we do technology research and incubation. The coolest part of my new role is that I get to play with different programming languages, frameworks, technologies and I’m no longer constrained to just Java. This means that I’ll be able to share with my followers on more diverse technologies like Node.js, .NET/C#, Azure, etc.


3 thoughts on “Long time and new beginnings at Skype

  1. Congratulations on your new position Mete! It’s of course sad that you are now spending less time in Cyprus, but well done 🙂

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