MAX2011 presentation

I’m back from sabbatical and enjoying MAX 2011 in Los Angeles. Yesterday, I presented my session on mobile enterprise development using Data Services and I promised to post my slides on my blog after the session, so here it is:

Adobe MAX 2011

Adobe MAX
Adobe MAX in Los Angeles

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since last Adobe MAX, it feels like last month but I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking again at Adobe MAX 2011 in Los Angeles.

My session is titled “Building Enterprise Mobile Applications with ADEP”. It’s a joint session with Stacy Young and we will be talking about all the new exciting technology for building mobile applications with Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform.

In my part of the session, I will be talking about how you can use AIR, native HTML5, iOS, and Android client libraries to build mobile applications to talk to Data Services using real-time channels like RTMP and WebSocket over efficient encoding protocol AMF. It’s going to be a good mix of theory, demos, code samples.

Hope to see you in Los Angeles soon!

Trader Desktop in Flash, Java Swing, Android powered by LCDS

We’ve been working on some cool new features in my group, and one of those features is the Java client library. It basically allows Java and Android application to call remoting and messaging destinations in LiveCycle Data Services. What this means is that one can write a Java Swing application, or better, a native Android application to talk to Livecycle Data Services destinations. Here’s a short video that shows the Trader Desktop in LCDS samples app in Flash, Java Swing, and Android emulator.

Cool, huh? If you’re coming to Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, and interested in learning more about the new cool LCDS features, Greg Wilson will have a session on multi-client support in LCDS next. I will also have a session on advanced messaging where I’ll demo some of the multi-client stuff.