Flash Builder4 Beta1 to Beta2

My Eclipse had been complaining about some license expiration for a while that I kept ignoring. Today I finally decided to fix it but the message was not terribly useful as seen below:

License Expired

Which product I kept wondering…but I figured out that it was Flash Builder 4 Beta plugin when I could not open my MXML/AS files in Eclipse anymore. I guess this is one way of informing people about product license expiration: throw some mystery in the intro, keep people wondering, and hit people when they need to use the plug-in for the “AHA! This was it” moment 🙂

Anyhow, I’m terrible when it comes to product version numbers, so first I had to find out which version of Flash Builder 4 Beta I had. I had build 235740, and after some Googling, I figured out that it was Beta1. (Wouldn’t it be nice if Flash Builder told me this in addition to the build number?)

I just wanted the warning to go away and to open my AS/MXML files and didn’t really care about Beta2 features just yet, so my first instinct was to use Beta2 serial number in my Beta1 install. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to enter serial numbers anywhere in my Eclipse/Flash Builder. I remember seeing this at some point but it simply vanished. Regardless, I wasn’t so sure whether I could use Beta2 serial number with Beta1 install anyway.

I posted to Adobe forums and someone informed me that you need to install Beta2 in order to use Beta2 serial numbers, as I suspected. So, as I’m downloading my 363MB Flash Builder Beta2 plug-in (which is build 253292 by the way) I wanted to let people know that you need to get rid of Beta1 and install Beta2 in order to continue editing your AS/MXML files again.